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Panda Parken

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Zeppelinstrasse 1

2401 Fischamend, Austria

We try to answer all questions as fast as we can. If you need help with a specific topic, you can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Vitai Judit
4 months ago

I can highly recommend this service! As a frequent flyer, I have experience with airport parking services. Panda Parken is way the simplest, fastest, best parking possibility one can dream of. Also, they are available any time, kind and efficient, and - though we don't need it- speak Hungarian. Congrats to them!

Alexi Amniashvili
6 months ago

One of the best services I have ever got. Highly qualified drivers, they were exactly on time on both pick ups. approximately 0 waiting time for both cases. I will definitely use this service if needed next time. Car was standing on an open field, but there are cameras and the area is fenced, so I did not really worried on car safety.

christopher ezell
5 months ago

Excellent option for parking. The price is cheaper than airport parking and they offer top notch service. The entire staff went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. It is a nice feeling to be dropped off and picked up at the airport with zero worries about your car. Highly recommended.

Location of Panda Parken at the Vienna Airport

Panda ParkenZeppelinstraße 1, 2401 Fischamend, Austria
Panda Parken 2Reichsstraße 10, 2401 Fischamend, Austria

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does transfer to the airport take?

The transport takes only 2-3 minutes. When you arrive at the parking, your driver is already waiting for you. He will take your luggage and take you immediately to your gate at the Vienna Airport. With your personal driver you will save a lot of time. Total trip time, from arrival at the parking to arrival at your gate, will be 10-15 minutes.

How long do I have to wait for my transfer?

There is no waiting time. As soon as you arrive at the parking, a driver will bring you to your gate at the Vienna Airport.

When and how often is there a transfer?

We drive you individually to the Airport Vienna. As soon as you arrive at the car park, your driver greets you, takes your bags and brings you directly to the terminal of your choice.

Can I book a parking space without a transfer?

Of course. If you only need a parking space without transfer, you can also book it without transfer. Please contact us.

Can I just book the transfer without parking?

Of course. If you only need a transfer, you can also book it without parking. Please contact us.

If I'm at the parking lot earlier or later, is that a problem?

It is not a problem. We are on site 24 hours. As soon as you arrive we will bring you to the airport.

Is there a transfer from the parking lot to the airport if I fly at 4h?

Yes. If you arrive before 6am or after 10pm, a driver will wait for you and drive you to the airport or pick you up at the airport. There is only a night surcharge of 5 € in addition to the parking fees.

When do I pay for parking?

You can pay the parking fees for the entire parking period after you return to the car park by credit card, or debit card.

When should I be at the parking lot?

For safety reasons, 2 hours before your departure time. The total time from arrival at the car park to the arrival at the terminal takes about 10 minutes.

How long does the transfer from the car park to Vienna Airport take?

The driving time between the parking lot and Vienna International Airport takes 3 minutes. We bring you from the parking areas directly to your terminal.

How can I change or cancel?

It is possible to rebook or cancel your parking at any time. Simply use the link in the booking confirmation. There are no additional parking fees! You can also extend or shorten your parking at any time.

How do I get back to my car?

We pick you up at the terminal and bring you to your parked vehicle! You received the phone number with your booking confirmation. (Please call after baggage claim!) No walk to the parking garage or parking lot!

Where can I find the parking lot?

Our car park at Vienna International Airport is located at Zeppelinstrasse 1, 2401 Fischamend. On our booking page you will find a Google Maps map. Here you can see the exact location: Panda Parken.

What other services besides parking at the airport can I book?

If you wish, you have the option to arrange a favorable interior and exterior cleaning with one of our partners. These are located directly next to the parking areas.

What happens in the case of a delayed return flight?

Of course we wait for you and take you from the airport to your car in the parking lot. Just call us as soon as you receive your luggage.

Is there a 50% van surcharge for my vehicle?

The price includes parking and 2x transfers. 50% surcharge for vans. Examples: Mercedes Vito, Viano, Sprinter, or VW Multivan, Transporter, Crafter... If you have any questions regarding the surcharge, we are available to you by email and telephone.